Ethically sourced leather colorways

NUDE | Veg-Tan Leather
Natural un-dyed steer hide that is tanned using tree bark and other organic materials. There are no oils or dyes added during the tanning process so it is essentially 'naked' leather. Natural veg-tan leather will darken slowly over time and develop a unique patina. To speed up the darkening process and ensure a more even color, we recommend leaving it exposed to direct sunlight for 1-2 days before use so it can develop a good base color.

CARAMEL | English Bridle Leather
Vegetable tanned steer hide that is dyed in drums to develop a deep vibrant color. It is flexible, yet durable with a smooth waxy surface. During the tanning process the leather is hot-stuffed with oils and tallows which gives it a soft and buttery feel. The oils also keep the leather well-conditioned and help it retain moisture over time.

BLACK | Latigo Leather
Full grain steer hide that is alum-tanned and drum dyed for a smooth even texture. The hand is firm but soft and it holds its shape nicely over time. Latigo lends itself nicely to outdoor use due to its resistance to water. It also needs little to no maintenance because the oils from the tanning process keep it well hydrated.

WHITE | Distressed Leather
Thick steer hide that is coated with a distressed white crackle finish. No two hides are the same, so each piece has its own unique character. Despite the light color of this leather, it has a smooth finish that holds up very well against dirt and staining. If spot cleaning is needed wipe clean with a damp cloth.